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nor:den is a combination of the words North and Denmark, as a symbol of Danish design. Clear and clear colors, minimalism and functionality.

nor:den designs productdesigns for your home. Designs are made with a simple and minimalistic look, where products are made with good materials. There are focus on a good production, and when quality, aesthetics and functionallity combines, great designs are made.

nor:dens blankets are handmade by women in the organization Kiburanga - Women Self Help Group. This cooperation was established in 2014. The illustrations are handdrawn with ink and added grahical elements. They are printed and numbered. 



nor:den established in Nomveber 2013 a cooporation with arichitect Alexandra Morgana m.a.a and Kiburanga - Women Self Help Group in the Kuria district in Kenya. The organization houses some warm heartet people.

The organization has focus on helping women earn a living, by creating job oppertunities, and hereby a better life. 13 talented women has been educated at crochet. For each blanket a woman makes, she will earn enough to support herself and her family for a month. The work conditions are good for the women, because they can work together and still take care of their kids and families. 

For more information about the organization, please use this link:

Production movie send by Julius Nyamohanga from the organization.









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